Art for Peace: Reflect & Connect

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Art for Peace: Reflect & Connect

The Environmental Peacebuilding Association® (EnPAx®)
  • 01/11/2023 @ 13:30 - 14:30
  • Online

The Environmental Peacebuilding Association® (EnPAx®) invites you to join us at Geneva Peace Week for informal relationship-building throughout the Week. Using art as a conversation starter, EnPAx will be hosting a series of online 'meet and greets'. All are welcome to these drop-in sessions for a chance to meet others working at the intersection of the environment, peace, and conflict.

Jadranka Anđelić is a theatre director based in Belgrade, Serbia, who has worked in Greenland, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, the US, Singapore and Great Britain. The troupe she co-founded, Dah Theatre, has won the Otto Rene Castillo Award for Engaged Theatre. During the "Reflect and Connect" session, Jadranka will share portions of Dancing Trees, an open-air performance about human relationships with trees in urban areas that explores our connection to nature and the implications for conflict and peace.

Gretta Karly Ineza was born in Kirundo, a northern province severely affected by climate change. Like millions of Burundian children, Gretta became a victim of climate change at a young age; she was just two years old when a major, three-year-long drought caused many deaths, among them friends, acquaintances and neighbours of her family. This disaster was neither the first nor the last to affect her community, and over time she started working with local disaster victims, including climate refugees, orphans and hospital patients, distributing food and other emergency aid. Instead of choosing between her two passions – protecting the environment and slam poetry – Gretta Karly decided to unite them. She'll join us to speak about the powerful intersections between art, activism, and environmental advocacy.


The 1 November session will feature Jadranka Anđelić and Gretta Karly Ineza.


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