Critical Connections: Tracing the links between climate, conflict, and fragility

Policy Briefing

Thematic Track: Addressing climate change through just transitions

Critical Connections: Tracing the links between climate, conflict, and fragility

Mercy Corps, Adelphi, CDA Collaborative, United Nations Development Programme
  • 01/11/2023 @ 09:00 - 10:30
  • Conference Center C1 (pétale 5)

Now, more than ever before, actors at all levels recognise the crucial need to understand, approach, and untangle the complexities of climate change and conflict. In response to this reality, there has been, in recent years, a broad move to develop methodologies and tools to equip humanitarian and development agencies, policy makers, and local communities with a solid understanding on how to address many of the contributing variables which create climate fragility, and support communities to become more cohesive, inclusive, and resilient in the face of shocks.

This session will examine different approaches and tools from Mercy Corps, CDA Collaborative, Adelphi, and UNDP for understanding the intersection of climate, peace, fragility, and security. Speakers will consider how these assessments overlap and diverge in terms of purpose, audience, and intended action. By recognising the utility of different approaches and applications, we will identify where we should build broader awareness, untapped areas for collaboration, improved communication and replicability.


  • Jonathan Bartolozzi, Senior Advisor, Peace and Governance & Climate Governance, Peace & Security, Mercy Corps
  • Lukas Rüttinger, Senior Advisor, Adelphi
  • Dr. Siad Darwish, Consultant and Senior Associate: Climate Security, CDA Collaborative
  • Catherine Wong, Global Team Leader - Climate & Security Risk, United Nations Development Programme