The Power of Storytelling to Help Build Peace (or Not…)


Thematic Track: Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies

The Power of Storytelling to Help Build Peace (or Not…)

The New Humanitarian
  • 02/11/2023 @ 17:00 - 18:30
  • GCSP- Conference Room 5th floor (pétale 4)

Words and stories matter. How you frame a story can impact the lives of many. How you tell a story can either move people to action or can paralyse them with fear. Whose story is being told and how it is being told also affects our beliefs and behaviour. Whose story are you telling ? How is the story shaping what people think and do about your issue? Is it really helping the people you wish to serve?



In this hands-on workshop led by experts in media and storytelling covering peace and humanitarian issues, participants will look at:

1. Why storytelling is such a powerful tool for social change

2. What is inclusive and decolonized storytelling and what do we need to think about when we tell stories about war and peace

3. Top tips & insights on what makes a good story and key considerations when you are developing your stories

The first part of the workshop will be short presentations and Q&A followed by breakout group /practical work where the participants will work independently to reflect on a story to share, share it with their group, get feedback.


  • Josephine Schmidt, Executive Editor, The New Humanitarian
  • Patrick Gathara, Senior Editor for Inclusive Storytelling, The New Humanitarian (online)
  • Sarah Noble, Director of External Relations, The New Humanitarian and Curator of PeaceTalks


  • Daniel Clements, Programme Manager of Creative Leadership, Caux Initiatives of Change