Media in the Midst of Polycrises : Adapting to Unprecedented Challenges

Art Exhibition

Media in the Midst of Polycrises : Adapting to Unprecedented Challenges

Fondation Hirondelle
  • 31/10/2023 @ all day
  • Hall Pétale 2

In an era defined by multiple and interrelated crises, journalists need to work harder than ever to help populations understand and navigate the rapidly changing environments in which they live.

Fondation Hirondelle and its partners are at the frontlines of such « polycrises », serving societies who are simultaneously grappling with conflict, political instability, economic hardship, humanitarian disasters, climate change and environmental challenges. As a journalist, this requires having the skills to explain ever more complex situations in a way that is nuanced yet accessible, it means seeking opportunities to explore solutions, rather than merely exposing the problems, and it means listening closely to communities to better understand their needs and concerns. All this in the face of mounting threats to freedom of expression and the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated and coordinated disinformation.

The photos offer a glimpse into the worlds of our journalists, who are dedicated to ensuring audiences have access to reliable information, contextual insights and opportunities to share solutions and exchange points of view.  From Ukraine to Central Africa, to the Sahel, to Myanmar, the mission of Fondation Hirondelle is to empower people with spaces for dialogue and the knowledge and insights which they need to make well-informed choices for themselves and their communities.



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